Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Why is Ifaves better than normal favorites?

A: Well, your Ifaves information is saved on the web so it is accessible anywhere in the world with an internet connection not just your home computer or work computer. Another reason is if your computer crashes you will not lose your saved information. Your Ifaves account can be shared with multiple computers so you only have to make changes in one place instead of all your computers.

Q: Does Ifaves cost anything?

A: Ifaves.net is 100% FREE and we do not require any personal information other than an email address.

Q: Does Ifaves sell my email address to other companies?

A: Absolutely not! We will not sell your email address to another company.

Q: Do you send me a lot of spam?

A: We do not send spam mail. The only email you may receive is notification of an update to Ifaves.net.

Q: How do I recover my password?

A: You can recover your password by clicking here.

Q: Can I close my account?

A: There's really no reason to close your account since it is 100% free and we have no personal information, however if you require your email address to be removed from our database just contact us and we'll provide instructions.

Q: Where do I report a bug?

A: Please report any bugs found here. Thank you very much!

Q: Can I make a suggestion on how you can improve Ifaves.net?

A: We welcome any suggestion you may have to improve Ifaves.net! Click here to make a suggestion. Thank you very much!

Q: When I log in how long until my session expires?

A: Your account is automatically set to "Stay logged in" which means your session will not expire. If you go to your Account Settings and set the "Stay Logged In" value to "No" then your session will last 2 hours each time you log in to Ifaves.net.

Q: Are you owned by Google or Microsoft?

A: Not yet! Ifaves.net is privately owned.

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